Tuesday, January 26, 2010

throw another shrimp on the barbie -


happy australia day!

i am thankful for this country of wide open skies, bright sunshine and bare legs. i love many things about australia - seafood so fresh it is practically leaping off the plate, water you can swim in all year round (if you're particularly daring), fresh fruit as big as your fist, golden, sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, that you can wear sandals all year round, boys carrying surfboards, footy balls and cricket bats, girls carrying lands end shopping bags and bunches of fresh flowers, al fresco dining every day of the year. I wish it was a smidgeon less hot every now and then, but it is the heat that begets (real) tans, sun-kissed hair and the general easygoing ebullience that we aussies are so often tagged with. I may hate the sun (sometimes), but it is an inherent part of australia.

to my fellow australians, have a snag or two for me! for those living overseas...

where the bloody hell are ya??*


* hmm a little australian humour for you... there was this infamous australian tourism ad a couple of years ago now which featured our most famous WAG Lara Bingle (engaged to Michael Clarke of cricketing fame, and styled by Christine Centenera of Harpers AUS, to give a fashion context). It was banned from being screened because of the catchphrase, 'where the bloody hell are ya?' supposed to convey how great australia is, why don't you come over here? But apparently some people found it offensive... hmm... maybe they just don't get our sense of humour haha. :)


Fé... said...

I'm so near your home country. It's Indonesia. Just an ocean away :p That's really cool the love you have for your country. I've been there once and I think it is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

lovely! out of curiosity, how did you find the Topshop at Incu thing/is it still going on? Is it fab, or missable and v expensive? cheers! z