Friday, April 22, 2011

the essentials

Neutral knits
 Where would I be without my big, oversized and cosy jumpers? very cold one imagines.
Diptyque's Philosykos Perfume
Nathan Smith and Country Road maxi skirts
 Slim and fitted or full and swishy
Moleskine daily diary
Isabel Marant Etoile Ben Coat
Benah Mini Kodi Bag
 The brightest of bright reds, fusing utility with chic - canvas and leather with a brushed gold clasp.      Heaven.
K.Jacques Carmel Sandals
 Strappy sandals that go with absolutely everything. I dread winter when I have to stop wearing them.
Karen Walker Sunglasses
Isabel Marant Rhodonite bracelet, Tiffany and Co Locks pendant, Jordan Askill Necklaces.
 My favourite bracelet and my two favourite necklaces. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. They make me so happy, the ritual of putting them on in the morning calms me down when I'm in a rush rush rush.
Levis 501s
When I'm home alone and not too worried about what I'm wearing I wear these. They are much, much loved and have a big rip up the backside but I can't bear to throw them away.
Celine Medium Shoulder Bag
Chanel Ballet flats
 The original and the best. 
Carly Hunter Shearling Vest
Bassike Tee-shirts
  Organic cotton, super soft and comfortable and the perfect fit.
Topshop Lips in Mink
 The only beauty routine I can stick to. A slick of this is more than enough.

What are your essentials?



Amie J said...

Ahh love it all want it all! Especially the Karen Walkers!! x

Joy said...

Ahh you are inspired by Self Service. This is so interesting! You should make this some kind of chain meme and tag your favorite bloggers :D
Too bad we'll never see you wearing these things since you don't do much outfit posts :(

Amie said...

what is that furry knit on the top of the pile in the last picture? it looks cute!

i realise that my closet has no 'essentials' its such a chaotic mix of things that happen to catch my eye at the time of purchase :P the only constant probably is a black cardigan haha

hannah-rose said...

Amie - thanks friend!! eee the sunglases are great..

Joy - indeed indeed! I know.. i'll try and do more outfit posts, but I'm not the biggest fan of photos of myself - as are we all, really! Maybe during RAFW i'll get some more photos!

Amie - it's sportsgirl! yep yep yep. you should grab it when you come back! I hope you're enjoying your last bit of new york loveliness.


Sara - Harper and Harley said...

I love the personal essentials we all have. Mine are a gold ID bracelet i've had since i was little and a jordan askill heart ring.

I feel completely lost without either of these.


K. said...

I really like your candy-flosseque colour palette, with a pop of colour here and there! :) x

brooke said...

oh hannah youve inspired me! Will be posting my essentials soon :) haha I love yours! x

Charlotte said...

Ah, I love posts like this. Still lusting after the two bags x

hannah-rose said...

Sara - the essentials and the routine. with my jewellery i love putting it on and taking it off in the morning and the night. it calms me down.

K - thanks! i'm all about the neutrals with a little pop of colour.

Brooke - thanks friend! can't wait to see yours.

Charlotte - oh my - I'm in love with both of them. definitely great buys.


lavelle said...

Excellent post!

I really want to do one of these ... will have to start pulling my essentials together

talisa said...

Hannah, I love this! Sweater was a great purchase...

hannah-rose said...

lavelle - thanks! it was actually fun to do.. i got to sift through my wardrobe and pick out my favourites.. :)

talisa - thanks! mmm i know. so glad i got it - it's so cosy and works with everything i own.