Tuesday, May 24, 2011


“Some people, rather than being of-the-moment are in fact of-the-always. Be it the way they dress, how they shake their hips or the manner by which they sing their story. Indeed it happens in life, once in a while, that some people’s ways are completely unforgettable. They are the ones who revolutionize aesthetics, movements and sensibilities often unbeknown to themselves at the time.”

Stevie Dance actually wrote that, which I think is pretty cool considering it's how we all think of her. Some people are "of the always". They inspire us is as they inhabit a world so cool, so fascinating, so inherently "of the now" that they become, by that token, "of the always". Stevie Dance is one of those people. It's pretty sad that she's leaving RUSSH, if only because her work enlivens the Australian market and gives it such a good name, but it's also something that's really exciting for her - and for us - as we watch what she does next. It won't be anything short of fantastic, as it always is.



Joy said...

Do you know what she's doing next and why the sudden departure?

giselle said...

well said Hannah...hopefully we get to see what Stevie does next..I love how she writes...x

tanya said...

i didnt even know that she was leaving. tis a sad day here in sydney!
do you mind telling me whereabouts you got that quote of Stevie's from?

R A said...

She will surely be onto something even more fantastic! What a lucky girl. It's hard to cram talent, personality and beauty into one body.

hannah-rose said...

Joy - I don't know! Maybe she just wants a change.

Giselle - thanks.. I think we'll all be watching and waiting for what she does next. and i love how she writes too, it's very natural and engaging. and real.

tanya - definitely so sad. I found the quote here - http://www.bloginity.com/blog/2011/05/23/aline-weber-smile-curvy-sets-straight/ - so i think it might be from the ed's letter of last issue?

RA - how could she not do something great? She's just so damn cool.