Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bergdorf Blondes

vogue daily

When I'm all grown up I'm going to match my clothes to my furniture, and have fresh flowers and mirrored consoles simply everywhere in my apartment and lots of big windows and a long, soft couch that I can stretch out on while I read my book and sip a cup of tea and listen to music and be all by myself.



nicole said...

This is so lovely! I'm right there with you on the want for large windows and fresh flowers.
Cannot wait to move out!

brooke said...

Can I come visit? Will jess stam be there? X

hannah-rose said...

Nicole - eee isn't it just gorgeous! It reminds me of the apartments in bergdorf blondes.. how julie bergdorf has a bedroom upholstered entirely in raw pistachio silk.

hannah-rose said...

Brooke - we are going to have the best little grown up afternoons when we have our own places. BYO stam.


thisiswhati'dwear said...

that couch does look sooo comfy! Jessica Stam looks so relaxed and just stunning


hannah-rose said...

this is what i'd wear - I'd sleep on that couch. very, very happily.


Georgie said...

Wow, such a gorgeous living room. The colour scheme is so pretty. It fits Stam perfectly.

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

So beautiful!

Soleil St. Fleur said...

The thought alone is nice but the pictures have me convinced. Oh to be lucky like that. Here's to growing up! xx from Soleil

hannah-rose said...

Georgie - I love the colour scheme, it's grown up and perfect for entertaining. mint green and lemon yellow oh yes!

Sweet Harvest Moon - definitely want to live somewhere like this :)

Soleil - indeed.. it would be such a dream.


Gorgeous Clara said...

I want a place like this too!

ritournelleblog said...

I'm very jealous of Stam and her gorgeous East Village apartment! Do you have the exact link by any chance? Thanks!

Lindsay K said...

Lovely. I'm loving the apartment features The LSD is doing for Vogue. I want to live in this apartment

hannah-rose said...

Gorgeous Clara - don't we all!

Ritournelle - how amazing is it. makes you want to live in NYC (even though the reality is a little less glamorous, right?). I'll try and get it, but you know how the vogue daily links are kind of weird. hold on..

here it is!

Lindsay K - How great is that feature? The photographer is getting better at taking shots too, some of them were quite shallow in terms of light/depth etc but now they look fantastic. very enticing and lovely.


ritournelleblog said...

Thanks so much Hannah-Rose! Gosh, that apartment is truly gorgeous. Perfectly my style!

About Paris, I asked my boss on Friday if I could be in France from July 3rd to 19th. Am now waiting for an answer with huge impatience! xx