Sunday, August 14, 2011


There's a part of me that finds this kind of look the most seductive. A man's shirt, oversized and bunched up around the wrists. A pair of jeans, straight leg - not slim, not skinny, not tapered - just cuffed at the bottom and slightly washed out. A bun piled up on the top of your head. The similar colours seem to blend together until it's a blur of washed out, worn in blue. But look closer, there are little details that make this. The initials stitched where the pocket should be. The whispy bits that come out of her hairdo. The perfect, perfect creases across the front of the jean leg. It's genius in its simplicity. Perfect in the way that you would never notice. It reminds me of Sienna Miller's costume in Alfie. You know, Jude Law's pink shirt that looked impossibly big on her, those golden bangs hanging down around her face, a streak of blue on the wall behind her. I don't care what anyone says, I still think Sienna Miller is so, so beautiful. I think part of her appeal is how comfortable she is in her own skin. Just like this model she wears the clothes so easily, so simply. I wonder if I could look this good in something that is so simple. I would want to complicate things with a jacket, or strappy shoes. When really all you need are little tan ballet flats, and a thin, delicate gold bangle. That's it. I think I need a pair of jeans - particularly a pair that doesn't have a rip up the crotch. hmmppph.



pkjb said...

who is this divine creature! androgynous perfection. ck :) x

s said...

came across your blog recently - in love. i've enjoyed delving through your posts, right through to the end!

Taryn said...

I agree this look is lovely...I scour thrifts for jeans like that and the few that I have I wear to death.

lin said...

I loved all the photos from the shoot. What I like about any look with jeans is that they complete themselves as an outfit and they don't need much else, as seen here. They have lots of attitude on their own.

miss mary said...

Such a beautiful, classic ensemble. Completely agree with you about Sienna and her entire wardrobe in Alfie was so on point.


Tribal Fox Vintage said...

wish i could wear that! it looks so awesome but i have a feeling it would make me look a weeeee bit plain!

rachel kara said...

dream girl right there mmmmm mmm

hannah-rose said...

pkjb - she's wonderfully beautiful right?

s - right to the end! eeeekkk!!! thank you very much.

Lin - me too! Vanessa's photos keep getting better and better. You're so right - jeans are the ultimate hero piece. I wish my pair didn't have a huge rip :(

Taryn - I definitely need more.. To the thrift store!

Miss Mary - How beautiful was sienna miller in that movie? and so perfect for the 60s. she may be a bad actress, but she's so lovely, it doesn't matter.

Tribal Fox Vintage - I was worried about that too, but maybe with a thin gold bracelet and with great hair you could dress it up?

Rachel Kara - mmmmm indeed. i'm going to youeni tomorrow i hope you're there!