Friday, August 26, 2011


Images from Vogue Paris, Vogue UK, Vogue US, RUSSH, Tatler, 

Been having a bit of a crafty couple of days. It helps that the September Issues are so rife with inspiration and I can't help but snip it out and paste it into the front of my diary.  A couple of things that have been inspiring me - vintage photos of Jackie O, oversized oatmeal knitwear (as per), beautiful manhattan apartments and rustic farmhouses, Ali McGraw's coat from Love Story, canvas and leather bags, mannish overcoats... It's been really fun to make these collages and then go and look back through my diary to see what else was inspiring me throughout the year. Some of them are funny (why did I paste that picture of mickey mouse? I still don't know). And some of them are still as inspiring as they ever were - Yasmin, Charlotte Scott, Dries Van Noten ponytails, Daria Werbowy's hair. Some things change and some things stay the same.



discotheque confusion said...

Man, between you and Maya Villager I'm really craving collage making but can't quite get over that sentimental magazine barrier when it comes to actually cutting them up.

Totally with you on the Ali McGraw crushing. Love Story is one of my all time favourites and with winter around the corner (for us at least) it seems like an appropriate time to simultaneously sob and lust over camel coats and knitwear.

Hope you're WELL! Was in London yesterday, passed Nordic Bakery and thought of you XX

Prêt à Porter P said...

I'd like to do collages like this again, but ugh I don't really have the time or energy--or the sketchbook for it. Not to mention I don't buy magazines that much.

Daisy said...

I love these and wish I too could cut up my magazines, but I just can't ! I have way too many all boxed away and I keep thinking; Am I being silly keeping all these ?!

hannah-rose said...

stevie - oh yeah. love story and her coat!! so perfect. I love how camel coats are still around, everyone kind of intimated their resurgence was a fad but they've never really been "gone", have they? Oh lovely! that was a truly fantastic cup of tea and cake we had. I really enjoyed our conversation. Next time I'm in the UK we have to go back!!!

Pret - I've started buying them less and cutting them up more.. what does that say? haha!

Daisy - No, not silly at all. I still keep all my magazines too, and there are some that I flatly refuse to cut up, but I've never been too precious about my magazines. they're for enjoyment, after all!


Kailey said...

Love these! xo