Saturday, August 6, 2011

winter whites

Inexplicably: things that are white with drawstring or tie waists. One of the editors at the magazine that I intern at got this Bodkin twister jumpsuit at work yesterday and it's so lovely in person, all linen and oatmeal colouring perfect for sandal days and sunshine. I love Penny Sage, a new label that's all wide legs, scoop necks and long sleeves. I really appreciate a long sleeve. The drawstring tie waist on those white pants in this Vogue Paris shoot is amazing. Polished and chic and cinched in. And finally, a cute little Philip Lim shorts jumpsuit with a tie at the waist, no doubt for showing off a bit of toned tum. It's all this good weather Sydney has been having - making me crave anything white and airy. And who doesn't love a drawstring? I love that full silhouette that it creates as the clothes bunch out from that simple bow tie. It's particularly fantastic on pants. I wish I owned more things with draw string waists!



LuxeBytes said...

I loathe drawstrings, frankly, except for pajama bottoms. You can gain 2 or 3 pounds or 10, and your drawstrings (or elastic waists) will never let you know. Very hostile behavior from a garment, if you ask me.

Set-in waistbands are best, period.

jamie-lee said...

god yes yes and yes. I love a good drawstring waist, how it can create definition without the need of a real belt

Anonymous said...

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Emily said...

That Vogue Paris shot makes me melt

lovelydisco said...

LOVELY! I can't wear white because I'm a disaster and I guarantee you I would get coffee or chocolate all over myself without even being near either... But I salute anyone who can pull it off.

hannah-rose said...

LuxeBytes - but don't you just love that little tie? that comfy, child-like ease?

Jamie-Lee- me too. I like how they can cinch in so easily. :)

Anon - thanks!

Emily - yep. I can't even believe it's from Vogue Paris, it's so different to what they usually do and SO GOOD.

Lovelydisco - I'm bad with white too.. But i still love it haha.