Sunday, March 25, 2012

all gone

A slice of Carrot Cake from Bourke St Bakery.



Michelle said...

Looked great! But I thought you were going to say you made it! x

hannah-rose said...

Michelle - hahaha I wish! I'm good at carrot cake but not that good. I love how Bourke St Bakery changes things up by putting the cream cheese as a filling and not an icing. small things, you know!


Milly said...

This made me laugh this morning..Now in desperate need of CAKE!x

Hannah said...

Simply scrumptious looking, I should get down to the bakery again! haha this made me laugh though cause it reminds me of when I take photos midway through eating, then think it would be eaten quicker if I didn't have to blog about it ;) x

hannah-rose said...

Milly - I want more now, please!

Hannah - it was delicious, you would have loved. My favourite thing about carrot cake is how it's dairy free and can be pretty easily made gluten free, which is good because my grandma can't eat either!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

Oooooh wow. You've got me craving it like mad now!

Anonymous said...

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