Saturday, March 3, 2012

welcome back!

one. Amy Kaehne wool coat from her current winter collection, two. Burgundy Benah Alex ipad wallet in the new RUSSH, three. comfort food like toad in the hole, four. Isabel Marant Etoile Adibou sweater from MNZ, five. beautiful hand-crafted tea sets from the food life, six. Benah cashmere scarf and new Celine sunglasses, seven. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy laidback in oversized sweatshirts and wind-swept hair (source unknown), eight. W.H auden poetry and hardback books, that's what autumn is about, nine. Isabel Marant dicker boots and bare legs from MNZ. All photos with no source specified were taken by me.

The first day of Autumn was really hot. Let's discount that. But the second day, oh, now that was something quite marvelous. Rain. Grey skies. A crisp breeze. Not enough to wear a new Amy Kaehne coat - not really - but I just got it and I couldn't wait to give it a first test run. It's like a big cocoon, a salt-and-pepper thing that wraps around you once, twice, three times with a big sash to finish it up. I like coats with pockets big enough to fit a book in. With a beige sweater and some tapered black pants it was the perfect outfit to reign in autumn and welcome it back to the fold. I always miss it, especially when the summer sun is high and the days are long. Sometimes, just sometimes - and even after being away for a while in dreary Northern hemisphere winters - I ache for a slow breeze and falling leaves and clouds in the sky. "Delicious autumn" as George Eliot said, "just the still melancholy that I love." 

Autumn always has a feel of earth tones to it. It's all about the beiges, the greens, the ochre-browns. You eat oatmeal for breakfast and you wear it during the day time in the form of distressed sweaters. You can have bare legs and bare arms - it's still warm enough to wear vests and cropped trousers - but you need to give autumn the respect it is owed with suede ankle boots and cashmere scarves. This Benah scarf is one of my favourites, a chunky, mile-long thing is the perfect shade of Khaki green. It goes so well with the sunglasses that I picked up in New York - oversized and with a hint of a cat's eye in the most eye-catching of greens. Autumn also welcomes loose cuts and a general bagginess. While summer and spring have a flirty sensuality to them - short skirts and tight tops and honeyed limbs - the colder months embrace a more cosied sensibility. Sexiness that is found in wearing your boyfriend's rugby jersey, the cuffs pulled right down over your hands the way you used to do with too-big clothes as a kid. Long strands of hair hanging down over your face. Hands shoved deep into pockets. I like the feeling of comfort that autumn imparts. It's in the food that you eat and the drinks that you drink and the clothes that you wear. Autumn never has to try too hard to impress or dance about to grab anyone's attention. Autumn - like the girl who comes to a party late and alone and leaves with everyone watching her - has a quiet self-confidence that is totally bewitching. Guys want to be it and girls want to be with it and all of that nonsense. Autumn is the one voted most likely to succeed. Autumn is the girl whose shoe size is always the one left over in the sale.

And you drink a lot of tea. I had my first autumn cup of tea yesterday and it was nice. After reading this article on the food life I've always tried to use less than boiling water and it does make a difference. Bitter morning tea often leads to bitter days. And you don't want a bitter day when you have books to be read and eggs to be poached and coats to be worn. It's part of the comforting nature of autumn to embrace that early morning ritual of tea with the mug gripped between two hands and your toes curled over the bottom of your pyjamas. I like to stand at my back door and drink a cup of tea in the morning. Still melancholy. That sounds just about right.



talisa said...

I love this Hannah! Autumn is so beautiful, if it would stop raining so much it would be perfect.
We now have to make sure we don't wear the coat at the same time. Double trouble!


chloe-kiara. said...

that coat is SO beautiful shan! i'm so jealous you lucky duck, when we have a catch up we'll have to make sure it's on a cold day and then i can admire it in the flesh.

and how good is the first cup of tea when the weather has 'officially' turned? my kettle has buttons with different temperatures for different teas.. goes to show how obsessed mum & i are when it comes to our tea.

shlo. xx

Jenn said...

That Amy Kahene coat is beyond perfection.

Stace said...

Perfect post to welcome the chilly Autumn!
Love the coat, and oh my poetry and tea is indeed how I spend many a winter day :)

x x Stace

Alexandra said...

Love the Amy Kaehne wool coat! And you're so right about the wonders of a good cup of tea!

Charlotte said...

I love this, the coat is perfect for autumn. I also read the article about Michael Fassbender you mentioned and I'm exactly the same as you, hello new crush x

Fabliha said...

Oh I love those sunnies so much :)

Jess said...

Ah! I was wondering if your New York trip had produced any lovely CĂ©line sunglasses. ;) Are those the Audrey model?

Fashion Tidbits said...

Omg. That coat looks just huggable

hannah-rose said...

Talisa - oh I don't mind the rain haha. yessss double trouble as with everything we own! I can't wait to properly wear it (it really wasn't cold enough to wear it the other day but I did anyway haha...)

Shlo - friend! It's great right?? Oooh yes please, when it's nice and cold and we can get some hot tea together and you can wear some of your new things from hawaii. You still have my number right? the first few weeks of uni are hectic, but let's make a plan - thursdays are best for me, for some catching up friend.

Jenn - I love it. I'm never going to take it off! Only when it's too hot haha.

Stace - it's a rhapsody, an ode, an elegy! I do love autumn. Farewell blue skies!

Alexandra - it's very true, there is nothing quite like it. I will be drinking a lot of tea whilst wearing this coat this winter haha.

Charlotte - OH. HOW GOOD?? I actually swooned during the reading of that article. I want to write an article about someone that I have a crush on haha! It brings an extra element of humour (and humility) to the fore haha.

Fabliha - thanks, glad you like them!

Jess - yessssss hahaha.. I'm going to be doing a "winter wardrobe planning" update v soon. I did good. They are the audrey in the large size, they are so perfect it's quite incredible.

Fashion tidbit - it really is!


i want what she's wearing said...

I cannot wait to spend this season with you - our sentiments are exactly the same!! Best 3 months of the year. xx

christina said...

"You eat oatmeal for breakfast and you wear it during the day time in the form of distressed sweaters."

God, I love the way you write.

hannah-rose said...

rach - it really is, isn't it?? our absolute favourite.

Christina - oh thank you... so much. :)