Thursday, April 5, 2012


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I love how Gaia Repossi wears no makeup at all. It's a look that's literally close to my heart - I wore makeup on the weekend to a country 21st and it was the first time in about 6 months that I had put on makeup. It was nice to slick on a bit of mascara and touch of highlighter on my cheeks, but I felt it didn't make that much difference. I took it off at the end of the night anyway (of course) and it all seemed a bit silly. I feel way more comfortable in my own skin, with nothing on, bare-faced and carefree.  It helps that Gaia has beautiful skin, clean and clear and full of light like a Sunday morning. When you're stripping it all back to a blank canvas it does help when that canvas is of the highest quality. But it's more than just that. It's about self confidence too. It's about being able to middle part your hair, and tuck it behind your ear, and not worry about the bags under your eyes and just be completely unconcerned about anything superficial and on the surface. It's a look that I embrace daily, with somewhat less confidence, somewhat less self-possession, somewhat less supreme fearlessness. But I'm never going to give it up. Maybe every now and then I'll pop something on for fun, the way you pop on a party dress because it makes you smile. But to be honest, nothing goes better with oatmeal sweaters and midi skirts and oversized tee shirts and tapered trousers than a bare face and a big smile. Why bother with anything else?



Jenn said...

Finally, someone that understands me! I'm the girl that didn't even bother putting on foundation for my year 12 formal. All I had was a swish of lipstick and a lot of fun :)

Lies said...

I wish I were still like you. I didn't wear make up until I was about 17. Now that I'm revising for university all day, I don't bother with make up and I don't mind going out without it, but when I go out or to school I always.wear concealer, mineral powder and eyeliner.

I really like the way it looks in the mirror but it also makes me sort of severe and recently I've been thinking of cutting back, except for a flick of eyeliner. I don't have the worst skin but not the best either and cutting back is pretty hard, to be honest. This is such a long rant I'm sorry but it's just that I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I want to look fresh faced and too much make up definitely does not help with that. Thanks for this post, I really appreciate this! :)

Loup Kat said...

I like this post very much :).I have never worn concealer or powder and i'm okay with that.Of course from time to time a little bit of make-up doesn't hurt,but I'd rather see my real face in the mirror.
To "lies" it probably takes a little time to come back to feeling okay with being just plain skinned if I may put it this way but you're on the right way I guess one day you'll feel good enough not wearing make-up and trust yourself you'll go out totally without it!

rachel kara said...

Lady, this makes me so happy...and also glad I didn't bother to apologise for my fresh out of bed look you witnessed this morning as I would have felt inclined to do with any number of other people I could have happened upon on Darlinghurst Rd at 9am. Love.

miss sophie said...

yeah this is totally me. my friend was showing me how to do a smokey eye the other night and she had to laugh at my complete cluelessness about how to do makeup in general. but if you have good skin and confidence, i think a bare face is all you need :)

Thea said...

I gave up make-up for Lent. I didn't really wear that much anyway (mainly just concealer and mascara) but it's so much nicer just being comfortable in your own skin-couldn't agree more. Don't think I'll be going back to make-up after eater except for special occasions!

nicole said...

I love this post! I do tend to put eyeliner on the top of my lids with some light foundation and mascara, but I'd love to just be able to stop that completely.
I just keep telling myself "one day".

hannah-rose said...

Jenn - yeah me too haha. I hardly ever wear make up now, which means that the times that I do are made even more special.. even lipstick - I barely wear that nowadays! and I used to be QUEEN of lipstick :)

Lies - It's not easy getting used to it, and it does help having good skin. My skin is really... up and down. I have good days and bad days. I used to worry about the bad days but I guess the thing is that now I just don't care. It's not a self confidence even, it's more of a lack of awareness of what other people think of me - this would concern my personal style, too, I think. You are most welcome.. I also think, too, though that a small amount of makeup is not a bad thing. It can be done very well as I'm sure you do!

Loup Kat - Yes - my real face. I think this is what it is. I don't mind too much about blemishes anymore. Good advice, as well.

Rach - yeah man, me too - I had wet hair when I saw you I think haha!! That was always the cardinal sin in my mother's books - never go out with wet hair... um.. I always go out with wet hair haha. :)

Miss Sophie - hahahaha exactly! I'm the same. I'm weird though, I actually own heaps of makeup, I think I just like buying it.. and the packaging. The only thing I use more than once a year is the NARS orgasm highlighter stick. I dab that on every now and then..

THea - exactly! i think the first week or two is the hardest, after that you can do anything. :)

Nicole - thanks friend. One day you'll do it - there's no rush. :)