Saturday, April 28, 2012

cinematic style - Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation

I saw the Avengers the other night - and it was fantastic, of course! - but every time I see Scarlett Johansson now I am struck by how much she has changed. Her sexiness and sultriness is laid bare now, which, I guess, is fine. She's older and more grown up and that's just the way it happens. But what I loved about this film - and this time in her career, see also Scarlett Johansson in In Good Company and The Girl With A Pearl Earring - was that it captured her when her beauty was almost painful. She was so young - and she looked like that - and Sofia Coppola let her radiate that inimitable, ineffable, can't-get-enough-of-it va-va-voom that she just seems to oozes without any pomp or ceremony at all. It's not like it's the change from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe here. Scarlett Johansson always had it. It was always there. She just used to wear baggy jeans and oversized baseball tees and let the mind conjure up the rest.

Her wardrobe in Lost in Translation is great. Big cosy sweaters, Paddington bear coats, daggy oxfords with hipster pants and hoodie sweatshirts. It was simple but comfortable, easy but still eye-catching. Everything that Sofia Coppola is about, really. Everything that travel should be about. I've always wanted to have a holiday that is like this. Staying in a nice hotel, lounging about for a few days in hoodies and araks lingerie, and wandering about the city, in and out of the hotel, in and out of restaurants, in and out of train stations, in an out of shops without really worrying too much about what is going to happen. Holidays are rarely about this, only in an ideal world with lots of money, but I would love to have one of these 'nothing' holidays soon. My friend just got back from Japan and although she managed to pack a few more things into her holiday than just lazing about in hotel rooms, she had the best time, and she just enjoyed herself, and she didn't worry about anything, which is how holidays ought to be, but rarely are.



Melissa said...

I watched this movie right before I went to Japan which then inspired us to eat at New York Grill (the restaurant/ bar in the hotel). It was a pretty incredible experience - not to mention the menu didn't have prices and it ended up costing us $300+ for a three course meal :|
But I agree, there was something really beautiful about Scarlett in that movie. Being sexy without being vulgar or showing skin is possible!
I wish I had the chance to wander around Tokyo like she did. Unfortunately time was our enemy.

ritournelleblog said...

Scarlett has never been so beautiful as in this movie. She had a simple, effortless beauty and nowadays she just looks overdone at best.
Lost in Translation made such an impression on me. I saw it at the movies a few months before moving to Tokyo and I remember friends would tell me how much I reminded them of Charlotte and how I dressed like her. Of course I felt very flattered :-b

allthebigtrees said...

This is my favourite film and I completely agree, she is so stunning without being overtly sexy in this film. Thank you for sharing xx

luxcore said...

Well said! I always hoped she wouldn't go the obvious hollywood route, but I guess it's inescapable. She's still beautiful though.

This movie really is something special, I can watch it over and over and over again. Same goes for most of Sofia's films, actually. She just knows how to capture a certain sense of isolation and femininity in a very unique way that is all her.

Alyssa said...

I really love your blog and try to read your little insights, but your font size is sooo small, is there anyway you can make it bigger? I realise for stylistic reasons it looks good small.. but honestly it hurts to read! - even when i really want to read.

hannah-rose said...

Melissa = oh my god!! incredible, but yeah.. kind of pricey for students haha. I found that in Paris too. I always ended up at the most expensive places but the food was soooo good.

Ritournelle - I agree. She was so beautiful in this film. Heartbreakingly so. Because her husband seemed so uninterested in just how beautiful she was.

All the big trees - you are very welcome, I'm glad you liked it. I looooove Lost in Translation too :)

Luxcore - thank you! I think it is inescapable, and that's not to say she's not a massive babe because she really is, but oh! in lost in translation she's somethinq quite, quite else.

Alyssa - Thank you! I wish I could but whatever I did to make the text like this I have no idea how to change it back... I fiddled with my template and I'm a bit too afraid to do any more fidding just in case anything changes! Sorry..


i want what she's wearing said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE lost in translation xx