Wednesday, April 4, 2012

down time

There are days when I dress up in my suit and I potter about with my hands in my pockets and a smile on my face drinking tea and making toast and rolling the sleeves up to wash my hands and sometimes I just sit cross-legged in the big chair in my mum's room and stare at her bookshelves and decide what I'm going to read next.



Joy said...

my god the two photos ARE perfect i tell ya. loves it.

Aïcha said...

ha this seems like a really perfect day ! and the pictures are beautiful, i really like the first one. and a suit + tea + books ...what else do we need to be happy right ?? xx

Fashion Tidbits said...

That'd be me today. Thank goodness for Saturdays!

hannah-rose said...

Joy - ahhh the best. I wish all days were like that, eh?

Aicha - I know! the photos make me want to wear a suit more often.

Fashion tidbits - my weekends of late have been jam packed, it's the week days I've been enjoying more! funny, ha?


yana said...

Lovely photos :)