Thursday, April 12, 2012


In food, as in fashion, I am guilty of what I might term selective obsessiveness. When I discover something new - something great - I can't stop thinking about it. New shoes will find themselves forever on my feet, come rain, come hail, come shine - for a few weeks, anyway. New sweaters will hardly get a wash as I shrug them on over anything, with everything, under all manner of jackets. So it is with clothes, and so it is with cafes. Or canteens, I should say.  Basically anywhere where the food is fresh and the tables long and the laughter loud. Well, I've found a gem, and it's a good'un, and if I had it my way I might never eat anywhere else again.  

Bread and Circus, 21 Fountain St Alexandria



xiaohan - xssat said...

Soup and salad! I think that's exactly what I want for lunch. The place looks amazing, you must take me sometimes!

Kelly. said...

oh that looks so delicious! and walking distance from my apartment! i know where I'm going for brunch this weekend!


chloe-kiara. said...

shan this is where we are going on our date, i don't care what you say (although i have a feeling there won't be a disagreement)
tomorrow from 4pm i am free as a bird for 2 weeks, so let's make it happen!

Little Red Book said...

Gorgeous photos, the food looks so fresh and delicious!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

ahh that's near my work too! we are on Bowden! that's a secret spot too - get the banana smoothie! xxx

Lies said...

This looks like a great place. No fuzz, unpretentious, great atmosphere and apparently even better food! I wish I took myself out to little places like this more often but where I live it's no as easy to come by a place like these. They definitely exist but not on a large scale.
Lovely post. I don't know what it is about food posts but I always love it when I come across them. I love it when people share little tidbits like that!

talisa said...

When are you taking me? cake!!


the wine of youth said...

Han ! thanks for recommending this place the other day !
I went and I love !!

xx ak

Brin de fantaisie said...

Very nice pics !
:) I have learned to appreciate long tables in Asia...far away from French style...

jane said...

i just bought radishes to make salad with. yum! x

Kaylene said...

How did I not know about this place before now? Looks delicious!

Brianne O'Neil said...

That lunch looks delicious!

hannah-rose said...

xssat - soup is the best thing in this weather. you have to go, you'll love it!

kelly - lucky you living so close, I wish it was right across the road from me haha.

Chloe - yep. that's it, we're definitely going here you'll love it. let's make a plan i'll message you.

Little red book - thanks! the food is great.

annabel - lucky you!!!! you should grab the takeaway salad box for lunch one day. :)

Lies - it's fantastic. I've always bemoaned that my overseas favourites like the rose bakery etc don't have an equivalenet in sydney but I think I found one. the food is so fresh and delicious but also generous and healthy. I love it there! thanks my dear. :)

Talisa - so soon! we have to share the "life altering" choc chip cookie!

The Wine of youth - I'm so glad you loved it, it's the best.

Brin - thanks! long tables are lovely and welcoming, I think.

Jane - I have definitely grown into salads recently, I haven't always loved them but I'm getting there.

Kaylene = so so so so so delicious!

Brianne - it realy was. :)


Anonymous said...

They. Don't. Serve. Coffee!!

Madeleine said...

So excited for our Bread & Circus date! I so looove food posts but I don't think I need to remind you of that.

nicole said...

Ahhh this is where we're going?! So much want.
I can't do this Thursday anymore but I can the Thursday after, is that ok with you?


Aoife said...

YUM! love your foodie shots a lot :D

love, love LOVE your blog.

Aoife, dublin

Wedding Suits For Men said...

Yum Yum! I want to taste your soup and salad!