Monday, April 2, 2012

Winter wardrobe planning 2012 - update

MNZ (now removed) // my picture // Peony and I on day 1 of New York Fashion Week (photo: Pete Navey on Peony's blog)

1. Oversized Navy Blue double-breasted pea coat
 2. Isabel Marant Dicker Boots
3.  Celine Sunglasses
4. Oversized colour-blocked and two-tone sweaters
 5. Navy blue printed midi skirt - no, not yet. Kind of think maybe I don't actually want this? I think I actually need/wear more pants nowadays. Other than my basic black midi skirt I haven't worn a skirt in ages now. How are the mighty fallen!

 So what I predicted way back in January happened. I picked up almost everything on my list in New York. I got the Celine sunglases - the exact style I wanted!! - in the loveliest shade of washed out green acetate, I got the Thursday Sunday two-tone sweater, with all of its beautiful winter tones and cosy goodness and feeding my obsession with all things neutral-blocking this season, and yes, I picked up the Isabel Marant Dicker boots, which need no qualification or introduction and are, quite simply, so perfect. And oh yeah, in New York after some frantic, heart-pumping searching from Soho to Fort Greene I managed to get my hands on what very may well have been the last Isabel Marant Azuli coat in the tri-state area.*

Isn't it fantastic? It's not cold enough to pop it on in Sydney yet, but I wore it almost every day in New York, as you can see above in what will be one of the only full length outfit pictures you're ever going to get. Peony's lovely boyfriend Pete managed to get a decent picture, even when I was walking, so all props go to him! This was taken on the first day of NYFW, when me and Peony were still unfussed about how cold it was and were so happy to just be in New York and hanging out together at fashion week nothing seemed to matter too much. We were also on our way to Shake Shack, which could have contributed to how purposeful we look in this picture. This coat is something kind of wonderful. It's big, even by my warped, oversized standards, which is perfect for layering say, shearling vests under, or two sets of cashmere scarves, or a couple of different sweaters. Not even because it's particularly cold but because you can't make up your mind about which one you want to wear. It has the swagger and swing that only comes from something that is cut to run super wide - when you wear it the back puffs out delightfully, the front falls perfectly straight across the double breast, so you can draw it across your body if you want, or you can leave it to swing open. You can roll up the sleeves once or twice, as I am often want to do to reach that perfect bracelet length, or - if on one particularly freezing day at my friend's college in Connecticut you can't take the chill on your poor little wrists - you can roll them down and draw your hands right in. 

 I can't help myself. I'm a winter girl. I'm a coat and scarf and sweater and boots girl. I love it when summer comes round and you can eat outside and wear a tee shirt and little else, but I get sick of it very, very quickly. There aren't very many of us closet winter-phones in Sydney, but thank god I found one in Rachel, who is possibly the only person who loves winter as much as me in the whole world. And yet she lives in Bondi and comes from Queensland. Try and explain that one! I think it might come down to the fact that no place in the whole world lets you have such a trans-seasonal mix of clothing like Sydney. "Make believe winter, just for fun", to use Garance's words. It's the same weather mix that allows us to wear my favourite every outfit combination: coats and sandals. I love Paris in the springtime, I love Autumn in New York, I love London always, but nothing short of Rose Bakery carrot cake delivered fresh to my house every single day would make me give up my coat-and-sandals ensembles that becomes my staple in autumn and winter. I just want this Sydney weather to turn a little bit cooler so I can break it out now!


* I just love saying the phrase "in the tri-state area", origin, the law and order franchise, used in a sentence, "we've checked every crack den in the tri-state area, she's not there". I have been watching a lot of crime time recently, evidently.


samnang kevin said...

winter boy for lyfeeeeeeeee! you look amazing in denim! more! more! more!

Angela said...

Oh Hannah! That picture! That coat! That swagger! It is exactly how I imagined you in NY for Fashion Week. Just superb!

A x

jane said...

i love the coat with the rolled up jeans - perfect! i have my eyes on some celine and isabel marant to pick up here in london, or on my next trip to paris


Jenn said...

Seriously, I have wardrobe envy! Yours is so amazing (especially that Isabel Marant coat) and well thought out so everything goes together. I wish I was disciplined enough to do that...

Vulette said...

That's so fantastic you managed to tick so many items off your list, you must feel quite satisfied! I am continually making wardrobe planning lists but then so often forget them.

The coat is beautiful. I have a similar thing but a shorter version from Country Road last winter, but now I'm wishing it was long like yours..

V x

Australian Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

I love your Celine sunglasses so much!
I have been looking for the perfect pair on sunglasses and think I have found them - a vintage pair of Linda Farrow shade in pink and red tortoise shell on ebay - I am watching them eagerly - wish me luck :)


Australian Fashion Review Blog

Christine said...

this is my first time commenting, though i've been reading for a little while, so hello!

at first this post confused me because on this side of the planet, summer is coming... then i remembered! hah! i, too, am a sweater and scarf and boots girl, though i wouldn't say i like winter particularly (it can get pretty cold up here in canada!) that sweater is absolutely wonderful. all the things you have acquired are wonderful! that's some neat wardrobe you have. :)

Charlotte said...

Your outfit is so good, layering is all about this. And your jeans, I've been looking for the perfect boyfriend/slouch fit for ages with no luck x

hannah-rose said...

Samnang - yeah you feel me. ohhh friend thank you! I love these jeans, I wore them non stop in New York and HK. I think I might be a convert.

Angela - :) you're lovely dear. Hahaha it's funny you should say swagger, that's how my friend described it too!!! ha!

Jane - I like pants to be a little cropped, so cuffed up too many times is my favourite. I like a little bit of sock poking out from the dicker boots too... and yessss you have to pick something up, in paris is even better! I am so jealous of your move, seriously, what a life! Paris only a hop skip and jump away :)

Jenn - oh thank you dear! I haven't always been this disciplined - it is definitely a recent development, mostly thanks to dead fleurette's blog. I just realised how much crap I used to buy and I got so sick of it. All the money I was wasting! writing the lists really helps with all that :)

Vulette - I know, it is definitely a great feeling satisfaction. I think I even know the one you mean from country road - I like the longer length... short coats are good but I find them a little limiting. Although sometimes you just wish you had a short coat, they're a bit easier... I have one short coat and I find that I'm wearing it every day for a fortnight when I'm tired haha.

Gems - thank you!! They are the most perfect shape for my face, and I find it hard to get good sunglasses.. good luck on your dream pair!


chloe-kiara. said...

is it ridiculous that i actually know exactly what episode you're talking about? hahaha i think we need a law & order marathon soon.

talisa said...

Ah this is such a great photo of you two! We will be Azuli twins in winter :P
Also being able to say 'tri-state area' is yet another reason why we should move to NY!!

I am so excited for breakfast by the way... x

Alexandra said...

Great look Hannah! Love the coat!

Lindsay K said...

I adore the term Tri-state area too. Sometimes it's the only way to describe it and as a native I'm picky.

Love your pictures from NYFW and your coat;)

hannah-rose said...

Shloe - hahaha I think that sounds pretty damn good dear.

Talisa - you have to see it! so good! and yeah, let's move to NY pretty soon. Our breakfast meeting was the best. :)

Alexandra - thanks! the coat is great, so glad i tracked this one down.

Lindsay K - hahaha isn't it the best?? And thank you, the coat is a favourite. I can't wait for it to get cold here in sydney.


Anonymous said...

oi! Hannah! Where in NYC did you go for those sunglasses?

They have been on my wishlist for a long while and I am ready to take the plunge, but having such a hard time finding stockists.

Enya said...

Argh your list matches mine exactly- only difference being that you now OWN these items, whereas mine are still lingering on that WANT/NEED list. I'm heading to NYC in June- any tips on where I would have the best chance of securing that Dicker boot and Celine sunnies? xx


hannah-rose said...

Anon - hey! I got them from the Celine store which is on the upper east side, maybe corner of east 70th or 71st and madison. Celine sunglasses are also stocked at Barneys and Kirna Zabete. good luck!

Enya - oh it is the best feeling to cross stuff off, I hope you get the chance when you're in New York in june! Dicker boots I didn't get in New York I got them in Hong Kong, but you can grab them from Barneys and I imagine from the Isabel store. A tip - actually ask them if they have any stock downstairs out the back etc because not everything is on the floor. The sunnies are from the Celine store but you can also grab them from KZ and Barneys (as above). good luck!