Thursday, May 24, 2012

cinematic style: Alexis Bledel in Sin City

This one is pretty much just for those earrings. Man, I had a whole double page spread in my notebook for those earrings back in the day. I dreamt up ways to recreate them, scoured the local diva for a pair that I could pass off as the ones, but they were never as good. Never as long, never as dangly, never as heavy, never as bedecked out in crosses and stars and peace signs and all things kind of kitsch and over the top. Back then I had a beaten up leather jacket that I used to wear with ratty band tee shirts and stove pipe jeans. I knew those earrings would be the best finish to that outfit. Jingle jangle perfection, tacky enough to make a plain outfit super cool.

You can see them to best effect in this scene. Little Lorelai Gilmore, so full of sass. I know that Becky is kind of the bad guy, or at least one of them, but she was always one of my favourite characters in Sin City (well, her and Hartigan. Dish). Something about that wide, blue-eyed earnestness and small-town charm. Gotta love a country girl trying to find her feet in the big bad city. Those earrings were all part of the general effect. Even more so than that corset, and the lace up boots, and that leather jacket - probably because, when shot in that pulp fiction black-and-white, metal stands right out. Oh those earrings! I think the search might be back on...



jessica sandoval said...

I've never liked her as an actress, but she looks pretty!

Jessica | Vixenelle

yaconundine said...

She looks like Sara Paxton, like from Aquamarine :)

sewa mobil jakarta said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

i want what she's wearing said...

haha omg alexis bladel annoys me so so so much!!! Especially in that movie!!! TERRIBLE acting... sorry love! But I do love those earrings. I believe they would be painful though.

Fashion Tidbits said...

i hear you!!!

hannah-rose said...

Jessica - ahhh don't you think she's cute! i think she's good in gilmore girls :)

Yaconundine - ahh yeah she does!!

Sewa - thanks!

Rach - lol.. but come on... the earrings! amazing!!

Fashion tidbits - :)