Monday, May 21, 2012

so fine

I've always loved Kym Ellery's jewellery collection, and these shots are just driving it home. Handfuls of fine gold rings, simple flaxen circles notched up on the finger, a lick of my favourite polish du jour, and a simple cord band across one wrist. It's no-nonsense and yet it's also totally feminine. It reminds me of something Caroline from BRVTVS said to me when I interviewed her in New York. She remarked that her love of fine jewellery probably stemmed from the desire to create a contrast to her masculine personal style. I've always thought the same. Dainty, delicate, slip-of-a-thing rings and bracelets and necklaces and all that work best when paired with slouchy, oversized silhouettes, masculine shapes and sturdy boots. It's almost a shock to see hands full of such tiny little rings do any work at all. Shouldn't they be the hands of ladies who lunch? Shouldn't they be grasping a china tea cup or a cucumber sandwich or something? No. As my forays into the world of delicate jewellery have proved, you should wear your fine pieces everyday. Only then do they become part of your routine and only then do they take on the kind of utilitarian simplicity that all the best jewellery has.



Bess said...

Love the rings. I spend too much time on etsy looking at similar ones!

Lies said...

I checked out the last post you wrote on this and I was exactly the same. When I started writing my little blog, I was really into big chunky rings, the more, the better! These last few months I've been way more interested in stackable fine jewellery. It's so much more graceful in a way and indeed, something that you can and should wear everyday. The thing is, I hardly know where I would be able to find some affordable ones. :) - x

EMILY said...

Such beautiful shots, love love love Ellery! xx

Lindsay K said...

"you should wear your fine pieces everyday" That's exactly what I believe.

hannah-rose said...

Bess - I know me too. I love fine gold rings.

Lies - It's funny how things change, hey! I really used to love all that chunky stuff and then I had a fine jewellery revolution and suddenly it was only delicate pieces. But I still have a really chunky watch, so I guess it all evens out. Graceful - I think that's a great way to describe it. Affordable ones.. Catbird is fantastic, but they charge crazy, absurd international shipping.. I've been getting some cheap ones from high street stores because I've been losing all my nice expensive ones :(((

Emily - She's got great personal style.

Lindsay K - you've gotta LOVE your nice jewellery, otherwise there's no point having it! I really believe that.