Saturday, June 2, 2012

washed out

birthday flowers and macarons for my mum // tea and toast and all things nice by luisa // the perfect breton, the perfect rainy day novel, the perfect nail polish // Washed out denim and linen - the perfect combination - in Cuval's bucket bag, new in at Mychameleon // Margaret Howell is the perfect rainy day apparel, by Vanessa // and if Margaret Howell is the rainy day apparel then the new youeni foodstore is perfect for hangouts // paintbox // Shirts and stray hairs, by Rag Pony

Today it rained and rained and rained. It rained as I had the best scrambled eggs I had ever eaten (fluffy as a pillow and creamy as a glass of milk) at the new Youeni foodstore. It rained as I found my perfect breton top at The Standard Store - Amor-Luxe, French, long-sleeves and boxy as all hell. (And as I tried on the most gorgeous navy blue oversized rain-coat with massive hood, bracelet-lenth sleeves and a pleat-back). It rained as I dashed home for birthday macarons and roses with my mum and her best friend. So I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon painting my nails, watching Law and Order SVU and re-reading one of my favourites, Cormac McCarthy's All The Pretty Horses. I really, really love the rain. More lazy, slightly sodden saturdays like these, please.



Bang and Buck said...

today was terrible! i enjoyed your insta pics while hiding from the rain inside today! xxx

Macy said...

sounds like you had the loveliest rainy day ever!

Anonymous said...

A Law and Order marathon is my idea of a well spent rainy day :)
Unfortunately I had to work today, but I treated myself with a La Garconne sale purchase when I got home tonight (they have just started markdowns on some Isabel Marant..!)

Annie Hart said...

I got given a platter of macaroons for my birthday. They were on a gold plate!
Recently I decided to restart a blog of my own. My friend and I used to maintain a combined one.
You are in my blog list and I just thought I'd let you know that I enjoy reading your posts.
Love Annie

Rose-et-Violet said...

I love rain too! So much. And this sounds like you had a great rainy day :)


Zoobia said...

I love the rain too - it forces me to stay inside and reconnect with myself and the things I enjoy most. Plus the sound of the rain hitting the streets and windows is so romantic and relaxing. Those macarons look delicious, I bet your mom really enjoyed them. Have a nice weekend :)

Charlotte said...

This is the perfect saturday, I wish mine was like that instead of 7 hours of work! x

talisa said...

SVU and All The Pretty Horses = perfect! x

Jenn said...

That breton shirt looks so comfortable. Also, those macaroons look so delicious!

Sheena said...

This weather makes lounging irresistable. I may or may not have taken advantage of the 7 for $10 dvd deal with the pizza from the best local italian joint. x

Angela said...

Isn't it just the best?! Have been loving the weather here too.

Tash said...

Perfect day. And you have inspired me to finally read all the pretty horses, I'm going to get it out tomorrow.

hannah-rose said...

Bang and buck - haha it really was! yeahhh i spammed insta a bit today! :)

Macy - it was really fantastic.

Anon - :( I HATE my saturdays (every second one) When I have to work. But I didn't know that la garconne had gone on sale, thanks for letting me know!

Annie Hart - mmm delicious! macarons and beautiful crockery are the secrets to everything. Your blog is beautiful.

Rose et violet - it was very lovely, thank you. rainy days are good fun if you don't mind getting wet, and I don't.

Zoobia - She did! thank you. She had a really great birthday actually, macarons and all. hope you had a great day as well!

Charlotte - oh you poor thing.. I hate my saturdays on at work. I really feel for you. That'll be me next week complaining haha.

Talisa - oh yeah!! detective stabler :)

Jenn - it is the best!! I want another one in the reverse colour: ecru and marine with more ecru than marine..

Sheena - oooohhh pizza and dvds!! that would have been a great end to the day haha! I'm going to have to do that next rainy day.

Angela - seriously the best. so sad we didn't run into each other at MBFWA.

Tash - yes yes yes YES!! my favourite cormac mccarthy.. too good, and too beautiful, and too sad, which all good books ought to be!!


Kristen Lam said...

SVU is kind of my life.


ailsa said...

this is for you:

pixelhazard said...

Another rainy today, hope its been a good one. Still love Macaroons

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Luisa Brimble said...

oooooohhhhhh Hannah wow!!!! this is my first time in your blog! thank you so very much for the link. excuse me whilst i get lost in her for few hours... back soon.

NorahA said...

macaroons and a beautiful bag..lovely x