Monday, July 16, 2012

cinematic style (sort of) - Stana Katic's coats in Season 3 of Castle

Sure, she's got great hair. She rocks an equipment silk shirt and a pair of flared jeans like it's her business. She's got the masculine-chic dress of a pretty girl doin' a man's job down pat (big watch, turtle neck sweaters, heaps of blazers. No skirts. Ever). And I guess it would be hard to look bad when you've got Nathan Fillion running around after you drooling like a dog and turning you into a bad-guy ass-kicker known as Nikki Heat. But it's not about any of that. Not at all. It's all about those beautiful, beautiful coats. Belted camel numbers, collarless crimson pieces, cropped pea coats, sweeping - yet still fitted - military toppers, the kind of leather jacket that would make James Dean swoon and trenches galore (well, she is a detective). Girlfriend - or whoever styles girlfriend, you genius you - has clearly taken a leaf out of the Detective Benson playbook, and for that I, and all other devotees of crime time, owe you a debt of gratitude. There's something about a lady policeman rocking a turtleneck and a cashmere coat, you know? There's something about how great a belted coat tied tight at the waist looks as you duck under police tape. Not that I would know anything about that, of course. I thought I had a wardrobe of coats. This girl is a professional coat-wearer. And damn she looks good doing it!



chloe-kiara. said...

God I have been raving about how nobody looks as good as her in a pair of flared jeans for god knows how long. She is KILLER!

Ammu said...

It helps that she is gorgeous :) Did you see this?

Viv said...

I love her and this show! Thanks for sharing these photos :)

M said...

FINALLY! Someone else who can appreciate her tv style. I believe that she has one of the greatest style (on a fictional television show). All of her clothes are tailored to her perfectly (especially the coats), and the stylist for the show does a great job for making her look sexy and intimidating without lots of skin or heavy embellishments.

Lindsay K said...

I love the tailoring and the coats. I'm such a coat person. Oh and she's stunning.

Caille said...

Hey Hannah,
APC just posted a divine leopard-print rabbit coat on their website. Of course it's only USD $2000. I'll never be able to buy it, but thought you might like to know anyway!

Jeanne said...

Great belted coats, long hair, flared and flawless classic denim, boots and turtleneck... My oh my, could this be the long-awaited revival and modernization of Carolyn Bessette's Kennedy timeless style? I've never paid attention to this show but now you had me wanting to check it.

hannah-rose said...

shlo - oh yeah.. the flared jean!!!! she's such a slamming hottie.

Ammu - NO! omg!!!! she's amazing. I love her approach to fashion and beauty.

Viv - you are most welcome :)

M - hahaha I love it! when I did this I was kind of like "lol", what highbrow taste in cinema/tv I have, and then I was like, NO. I love castle!! excellent show, and excellent crafting of character through wardrobe. It deserves a mention.. now to find some pictures of Detective Stabler for a double denim cinematic style..

Lindsay K - it certainly helps doesn't it! haha. the tailoring is what gets me. Always cinched in to perfection.

Caille - oh my!!!!! $2000!! I'll never be able to buy it either but oh, isn't it beautiful!

Jeanne - Definitely a touch of the CBK to her, especially with all those turtlenecks. It's not fantastic, gripping tv, but it's enjoyable and silly and I like it on a sunday eve.


Slim Black Leather Jacket said...

I never watch this movie before but it looks pretty cool and especially the man, he is my favorite!

Fashion Region said...

The perfect girl with the perfect look!!