Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chez Dee

Sugar and spice and all things nice - what a surprise. But really, this place was. Tucked into a corner pocket of Potts Point, opposite the infamous Iguana Bar, and festooned with pot plants and fresh fruit and rainbow-coloured cushions. Surprising. And the food; tinged with sea urchin and other salty, briny things when breakfast food is normally served sunny side up, doesn't really get any more exciting, and surprising, than this. It's a surprise to find a cafe with what is essentially well-stocked pantry shelves (all for sale, thank goodness!). And it's a surprise to really enjoy yourself in the middle of exam period. So go on, surprise yourself.

Chez Dee with Rachel, 62-64 Kellett St, Potts Point


Adellie Blogger said...

You went!!! We have to go this week with Cakeface xxx

nikol said...

sounds so nice~