Thursday, November 15, 2012


I made my mum lunch today and somehow, completely by accident, it ended up with an Italian theme. Nothing like a little bit of red, white and green on a Thursday.



Vanessa said...

Hannah, you are making me drool! Your food is so aesthetically pleasing I can only imagine it must taste like rainbows (or something of that happy nature) xx

Lindsay K said...

How sweet of you to make lunch for your mom!

hannah-rose said...

Vanessa - hey friend!! It was very delicious :) and so simple, just oil, herbs and tomatoes, all thrown together on the pasta.

Lindsay K - she worked so hard all morning! And I was procrastinating from study haha. :) I always make her lunch on tuesday but sometimes the lunches are better than others (ie, pasta and dessert vs. tuna sandwiches hahaha)