Wednesday, November 21, 2012

no sweat

The truth about fashion - the one that no-one really wants to tell you, because it defeats the whole purpose - is that look books and campaigns and all of that don't have to drive you to buy new things. That rush of new season thrill isn't always about money and purchasing and shopping bags with crisp tissue paper at the top. It's about looking at something new and taking inspiration from colour and shape and texture and form. That's what I get when I look at Dries Van Noten, and it's what I get when I look at this collection by UTS alumnae Talia Shuvalov, knitwear designer at Narcisco Rodriguez.

What I like most about this is the shapes. I like that really supersized line of the sweatshirt - over sweatshirts and over even more sweatshirts - paired maybe with bare legs or with little skinny jeans. I like the idea of big on top and small on bottom. That boxy line - with a softly arching neckline and a clean drop to a wide sleeve opening - is probably my favourite shape of all, and it's one that I search out constantly in sweaters and knitwear. I look at this incredible collection and I see not just sweaters that I want - I really really want - but, more importantly, a shape and a cut and a form and a texture that I want to try myself. It's inspiration and reinvigoration; maybe add grey to your usual colour palette of burgundy and oatmeal and black, maybe try a short sleeved sweater over a longer one, layer, layer layer. Great fashion is always inspiring well before you even think about getting your wallet out.



lin said...

"Great fashion is always inspiring well before you even think about getting your wallet out." -- Could not have said it better!

hannah-rose said...

Lin - It's the reason I love Dries so much! I don't even own a piece of his clothing but I love him, because he's so inspiring in the way everything is put together..