Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A bracelet you'd never take off, not even to have a shower, not even to wash the dishes, not even to make gingerbread, not even to paint your nails, not even to take the rubbish out, not even at kid's birthday parties, not even at the beach, not even in an exam, not even if it didn't go with your outfit (but it would always go with your outfit, always), not even to make sausage rolls, not even to sleep, not even to live. The one. (and that name! was it made for me or something?)



Anonymous said...

Oh yes, bring it on girl! Can some one please buy one for me??:)

Kate said...

I love that you mentioned sausage rolls, even though bracelets irritate me.

hannah-rose said...

Anon - Me too please!!

Kate - haha I know, there's just something about hands on cooking that requires the removal of all jewellery, except this kind of beautiful thing!