Sunday, February 23, 2014

cinematic style - Rachel McAdams in About Time

This movie. It came into my life at exactly the right time, on a Sunday where I couldn't do anything right, and nothing was going according to plan, and I was spiraling into despair that I had wasted my absolute favourite day of the whole week, and G, a friend of mine who always knows what to do, and never gets anything wrong, called me up, heard the anguish in my voice and announced she was picking me up in 15 minutes and we were seeing a movie and 'that's that so don't say anything otherwise'. We got there right on time, we settled into the cinema with cold drinks and many treats, and suddenly it - that day, the concern I felt about finishing uni and moving on, the reason we all go to the movies - all made perfect, complete sense. Why do we go to the movies? (a question even more relevant now with all the downloading that goes on these days. Things I know very little about, which might explain why I go to the cinema all the time). Sometimes we go because we should and sometimes we go because we think we ought to but mostly, mostly, we go because we want to, because we want cheering up, or because we know it's going to make us happy, or just because someone says get in, loser, we're going to a movie.

I like Richard Curtis movies because they make me smile. This one made me smile right from the start, and kept me smiling long after I left (and went back, I saw it twice in the cinemas). They're movies about Sundays; about falling in love and trying to keep that love, about friends who become family, and families as the backbone of your existence. These are all things that I think about a lot. I liked this one for its calm, leisurely pace, and its ramshackle interiors and its slightly shaky way with the camera, as if we were flicking through the jaunty personal snaps of someone with a beautiful light-suffused house and two ginger-haired babies and a lot of love. The clothes in this were almost like an afterthought, the kind of regular tuesday suit business that we go about our lives in. And I like that. I like that Mary wore such normal, happy things, like her big sweaters and comfy jeans, her fun frocks and sensible jackets. Her style was idiosyncratic because girls in Richard Curtis movies tend to be a little idiosyncratic but it also just looked fun and normal. The wardrobe of someone who likes clothes but not fashion, which is a very material difference.

The best scene in the whole movie was the wedding scene. Richard Curtis can write a great wedding - of course he can - and who will ever forget the final scene of Notting Hill, Julia in that satin cape and that gorgeous smile, but here he wrote the worst wedding ever, flooded with rain, gale force winds, soggy cupcakes and up-ended tents. The beauty was in the love, which, as I try and remind my friends who are getting married, isn't contingent upon the right napkins or the most expensive, well-known florist, but upon being surrounded by people you love (and maybe we a few bottles of champagne). The beauty is in the moment the bride walks through that door, and the music starts up, and smile spread gleefully across her face, and it all begins. And boy - that red dress. What an entrance.



Madeleine said...

Oh I LOVED this movie. So heartwarming - even when watching it on a plane going away from a place you really didn't want to leave!

I am your lung said...

Well, that's settled then. I am going to watch About Time this afernoon thanks to you. :)

AVY said...

I need this type of movie sometime, an I love going by myself.


Nancy Wilde said...

I think Rachel McAdams is always adorable :) and she looks so juvenile and youthful! Her character was also very sweet!
I felt overemotional about the father and son relationship in this film... And wanna know a secret? I have a crush on... Bill Nighy!! x

The Lost Girl said...

this is such a perfect post! I've been reading your blog for a while now and this epitomises my love for it-the gorgeous writing style, perfect pictures and a great taste in film! a regular read for me (and your instagram's a dream) x

petal and plume said...

you say it all so eloquently. i just want to package up your phrases for a rainy day.
thank you for sharing the way you do!

kamal preet said...

Really love you post! Thanks so so much for the ultimate blog. Love to visit here again.

hannah-rose said...

Madeleine - it was really the best, and came at such the right time for me. I needed to watch it when I watched it.

I am your lung - oh fantastic! I hope you loved it as much as I do.

Avy - Going to movies by myself is one of my favourite things to do.

Nancy - Me too! She's so sweet and kind-looking, I think. The father and son relationships was so touching. I cried and cried and cried.

The lost girl - Hello!! Thank you so much, I'm so glad that you loved the post and have been reading for so long. Thank you thank you! So many thank yous but it's always so touching to hear from long-term readers.

Petal - Thank you! You're lovely and every comment you leave always puts a smile on my face. Your pictures are the ones I want to package up for a rainy day. :)))

Kamal - thank you!