Wednesday, February 19, 2014

easy luxury

the line //

Vanessa Traina, you make it look so easy. Birkin travel bags and big stoles and fur throws and marble counter tops. We know that luxury isn't the same as taste but here it might as well be. I only know a handful of people who have such an effortless style - transmutable between their home and their person, their work and their play - like this. Some of them, like Vanessa, have made it their business to share that easy luxury around, and some of them just go about it so naturally you'd think it wasn't a big deal. Which I guess is the point. I want.



AVY said...

Those legs are insane.

/ Avy

Lindsay K said...

Did you have a chance to visit The Apartment when you were in NYC? It's spot on and stocked with so many of my favorite under the radar brands.

hannah-rose said...

Avy - I knowwwwww.

Lindsay - I wish! I wanted to but I completely forgot and then the polar vortex happened... The website is perfect though.