Tuesday, February 25, 2014

the dream

How long have I been waiting for these pictures? Since Amanda Brooks first wrote for British Vogue charting her move from the big smoke to the open land of Oxfordshire. Each and every article after - the jam-making one was a personal favourite - gave a tantalising glimpse into this family life that we all dream of: flowers as far as the eye can see, fresh fruit, horses in the field, a wide, light-filled kitchen, lumpy, floral-strewn couches and wallpaper simply everywhere. Isn't this the dream? It's my dream, anyway. For now, being able to go to the country is enough, but in the future I'm going to need to be there more permanently. Spending a whole day in jodhpurs, jam-making in the afternoons, simplicity in the way you live that isn't complicated by the high-density city-living we've all grown used to but maybe, perhaps, don't want.



paperdoll chronicles said...

I've been following Amanda Brooks via her Instagram for a couple of months now and boy doesn't her life seem grand. Pony tournaments, new born chicks, fox hunting and the like.

Paige | paperdoll-chronicles.blogspot.com

Michael Watson said...

Me too has started following this blog. I really like it.


hannah-rose said...

Paperdoll - Ohhh her instagram is the BEST. it is like a window into a secret country dream world. The fox hunting and the horse riding is what gets me I think!

Michael - thank you!