Sunday, February 23, 2014

Undone Journal

“After breakfast I put on a long suede coat and the Jane Eberlein fur hat. The coat has deep inside pockets. Into them I put the last, folded clipping, a bundle of krone notes, Isaiah’s tape, and the letter to my father. Then I leave. The day has begun.” 

I am so excited to share that I am one of the contributors to the beautiful new site Undone Journal. Full of wholesome recipes, inspirational pictures and tips on how to care for yourself (and for blooms! I mean what more could you really want), it's a pretty indispensable guide for any modern gal. I'm going to be writing about books, which makes me happier than you could even guess, and my first post is up. It's about the particularly wind-swept and snow-blow style in the 1997 scandinavian crime novel Smilla's Sense of Snow. Who doesn't love long coats, big sweaters and leather leggings?



Morten W. Vestenaa said...

Danish novel, not 'scandinavian', Hannah ;) But a very good book nonetheless, I remember being fascinated with the many words for snow, and how words in our language develop and disappear as we need them. Beautiful site you've become part of!

Ally Lister Flowers said...

A great article on Scandi-chic. And think of Saga Norén (The Bridge), the Swedish detective who never wears anything but leather pants and slub-linen baseball tees and what looks suspiciously like a Margaret Howell overcoat! Uniform. Love.x

hannah-rose said...

Morten - ooohhh oops!!! Thanks for correcting :) I loved this book and also loved the movie, but I think I preferred the book a bit more. I've never read a crime novel that was written in such a lyrical, dreamy way!

Ally - thank you! Yes, exactly, Saga was another character I was thinking of when I was thinking about the style of this. It's so utilitarian!