Tuesday, August 5, 2014

flour to the people

I'm a bit starved for fashion inspiration at the moment. It's a work thing, I've mostly just been wearing variations on the same black and navy and grey outfit every day for the past five weeks. Then, on the weekend, I went to the Flour Market (which was everything and more, and I ate a cronut at 9 am in the morning and lived to tell the tale) and saw this girl working at the Brickfields store wearing white jeans and an oatmeal sweater, and so I wanted to wear white jeans and an oatmeal sweater. I've been wanting white jeans for ages but wasn't sure if they were life appropriate, but seeing this girl has made me realise that they categorically are, provided that the fit is relaxed and the cut is right. I tried some on at Country Road the other day (but I can't find them on their website!!! A bad sign). They were perfect and I chickened out of buying them. I'm making a bee-line there this weekend to see if this perfect pair of white jeans are still hanging around. I bet you're glad that you've been updated on my current thoughts re: white jeans. It's seriously all I can think about at the moment. Work, the state of Beyonce and Jay-Z's marriage, and white jeans.



petal and plume said...

go get that denim, girl

Sophie said...

HOW GOOD are Nikki's pics. She rocks my world.

Angela said...

A lot of my week was spent thinking about the Carter's marriage as well, and then I bought white jeans from Topshop. *virtual high five*